10 secret places where Google Maps does not allow you to see

there are 10 secret places that are not allowed to be visited by the public on Google Maps Service.

The Australian newspaper reported that “Google Maps ” Hides those places for various reasons, “Often the secret places, which are not displayed by Google ” to its users, are military bases or obscure islands. ”

The newspaper published a list of the 10 secret places can not be shown in Google Maps:

1. Mururoa Atoll in Valencia, France

A small atoll, and it is not clear why a large part of the island is obscured, but some believe it is about the island’s nuclear history.

France conducted significant nuclear tests on the atoll between 1966 and 1996, reaching 181 trials during this time period.

2. House No. 2207, Seymour District, Ohio, USA:

This hidden house on the map saw a kidnapping crime committed by Ariel Castro, which occurred between 2002 and 2004 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Castro kidnapped three young women and held them in his home, and they remained imprisoned until May May 2013, and in the end one of them escaped and tern herself in to police.

3. House in Stockton-en-Tees British: The reason why the house was hidden is not known, and the woman she lives in it since 2000 says, “I don’t know why my house is hidden .”

4. Taiwanese Air Force Base: This rule is not blocked by Google Apps, but if you zoom in on it, you will be taken away from the base.

5. Janet Island in Russia: A small island in the Siberian Sea. There are some persistent disagreements about whether they belong to Russia or the United States.

6. Greek military base: Images on the map are unclear, owing to national security considerations.

7. French nuclear facility: Nuclear fuel reprocessing facility, opened in 1976.

8. Special forces base in Poland: It is obscured by Google because it is a special Forces Command center.

9. The area “Paseo de los Naranjos” in Spain: Located in Almería, the reason for its concealment remains unknown.

10. The Phantom Island: Sandy Island is located in an area of France. Disappeared from the maps in 1979.

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