200 million messages to alert the Americans at the same moment .. What is the presidential alert?

More than 200 million people in the United States received a single message at the same moment, from the presidency, to try a new system to warn Americans in times of disaster and crisis.

“This is an experiment on the national wireless emergency alarm system,” said the presidential letter, which reached all phones in the United States at 2:18 pm Eastern Time.

The experiment seeks to reassure the US presidency of the effectiveness of the population warning system, which will be used only in an emergency.

And everyone who received the message heard the voice of his phone, even if it was on silent mode, according to the technique provided by the presidential communication communications bodies.

The letters were due to be sent on September 20, but the experiment was delayed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency arranging actions to deal with Hurricane Florence.

Although US President Donald Trump did not personally participate in the experiment, some have dubbed the messages Trump Alert.

This can be used in emergencies or major threats, including the United States being subjected to military attacks, acts of terrorism or natural disasters.

The trial was conducted under a 2015 law, which states that a test must be conducted at least once every 3 years.

Although the new system aims to alert the population and save lives, it has not been criticized in American society, where some saw it forced to receive government messages, while others considered the messages to be misused later.

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