3 Tests to find out if your meat is rotten or not

When the meat is kept in refrigerators, some are concerned that it may be exposed to corruption after a period of time, which can cause stomach pains, and sometimes poisoning, especially because meat is one of the most perishable foods as soon as possible.

So we explain some of the ways we can make sure you can eat meat, after storing it for long periods of time, without worrying.

To begin with, we must keep in mind the time when the meat is left in the refrigerator precisely, where it is always advisable to leave the red meat for a period of one to two days before it starts to use, while the period can extend to 5 days, if cut into slices or small pieces.
Cooked meat and poultry can remain in the refrigerator for 3-4 days without worrying about the possibility of corruption.

In general, the best is to keep the meat frozen, as the chances of survival of the meat increase even if left for more days.

Methods of Confirmation
There are many easy ways to start smelling meat, so rotten meat is always a very potent and powerful scent that anyone can easily notice.

Touching meat to make sure that it retains its quality is also an effective way, as the sticky texture of meat is an indicator of its exposure to corruption.

Between this and that, many have to learn about the fact that meat is corrupt or not by observing its color change, when it turns blue or yellow, it is proof that the meat is not valid, bearing in mind that color alone cannot be used to ascertain the validity, as it keeps keeping alive Our colors are natural even if they are subjected to rot, making the first and second methods the best to govern.

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