3 Tricks to summarize a book without reading it!

Many people love to read and find special and exceptional pleasure, but on the other hand, there are those who enjoy reading for just a few minutes, wanting to acquire their information or feelings at times, without prolonging the consideration of the many intricate letters and words, which often finds difficulty and hardship in See books with huge numbers of pages.

It is a dilemma that can be solved simply by following some easy rules, which will help to extract the most important in the book without being read less.

Reading the annotation attached by the publisher, as well as the public’s views through the Web sites, may solve a large part of the crisis, while reading the first few pages and the last page of the book, in addition enables you to understand all that it contains, and by the way the best way for editors and editorial heads And the workers in this field, in order to evaluate this huge amount of books scattered in libraries and on the Web pages.

It is not the case to know the characters or the plot within a novel or a short story, but it is based on your ability to infer an opinion, which can be obtained through a friend who has already read that novel, or even by coming up with an opposite opinion of that opinion, which is a cunning thing that requires great courage from Your side, where you will remember an opposite opinion of another opinion in a story or book you have not read from the ground.

It may be impossible to be able to learn the style or method of writing a novel, without reading the book, or just by learning about the abstract or the opinions of readers. So it is preferable to start reading the book from its beginning, flipping its pages in areas where you feel bored, reaching the basic idea and the spirit of writing through it, a way that many people follow in order to know the exact meaning of the book, without reading it from the beginning to the end, it is like the skill that can be acquired with Time and with practice as well.

In the end, the main goal of reading is to nurture the spirit, increase culture and knowledge, and not pretend to be culture and knowledge!

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