30K dollar The Gain of beggar in Dubai

Dubai police arrested an Asian named “beggar of Eid” with 100,000 dirhams¬† about (30K US Dollars)¬† and cash in other currencies concealed in artificial legs.

Dubai Police said that the “begging” campaign launched before the holy month of Ramadan succeeded in controlling 243 beggars and beggars of different nationalities, including 136 men and 107 females, 195 of whom came to the country with visas to visit some as businessmen and 48 held valid residence.

She pointed out that an Asian was arrested in the sixties on the first day of Eid al-Fitr at the time of noon prayer by a patrol was begging exploiting an artificial robe in a neighborhood of Dubai and was found in possession of initially 25 dirhams, and searched within the artificial legs of 45 thousand dirhams.

Amounts were also found in other currencies totaling 100,000 dirhams. It was found that the person had been submitted to the country with a visa for only one month and legal proceedings were taken against him.

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