Skoda unveils All-new kamiq with a modern look

  • 29-750x430
  • 37-750x430
  • 58-750x430
  • 118-750x430
  • 133-750x430

Skoda provided her new crossover Kamiq, a new and attractive look for the youth category, which the company intends to review during the events of the Geneva 2019 exhibition in early March.

The aggressive identity of the KEC seems clear, the car has got overhead daytime lamps bearing the sides of the cornering badges, with the bottom lamps remaining the main, and in the back of the cool smooth lamps.

The all-new skoda Kamiq will be available with a 3-cylinder, 115-horsepower 1-liter engine, plus a 150 hp 4-cylinder 1.5-liter engine with an automatic DSG conveyor and front-drive system.

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