5 Exclusive benefits of onions

Some consider onions to be the food that imparts a different flavor to any of the different types of eating, and it also makes you cry while cutting, without knowing the great benefits that can be gained by eating it as well as foods.

Onion helps to rid the body of toxins inside it, which accumulates to threaten life, while working to eliminate it and expelled from the body naturally.

Frequent fever
The onion can be very useful, and in another way not to eat it, which is prescribed to those suffering from fever, put a slice of onions in the socks during sleep, this is a very successful way to reduce the temperature of the body, without the need to take different drugs.

the heart
The onion contributes to the body having a very healthy heart. It contains sulfuric, anti-clotting components, which protect the blood platelets from clotting and clotting. These are the clots that usually cause several heart attacks. It is also taken regularly, Cholesterol in blood, which also keeps the heart.

The onion has anti-inflammatory properties, like garlic, which is distinctive at that point. The onion prevents the movement of white blood cells, which prevents the occurrence of inflammation of the body, and the antioxidants found in abundance in it, a wonderful role in preventing the production of fatty acids in the body, which is a direct cause Another in the incidence of inflammatory diseases, as a disease of rheumatoid arthritis.

Some use creams when they are exposed to burns of various kinds and causes, while onion can also be used for this and ensure the success of things, after cutting the small pieces, and placed on the skin area that was exposed to those burns for a few minutes, in order to reduce the feeling of pain.

In conclusion, please eat onion after cutting it in two days at most, so that you can take full advantage of the health features we mentioned, and when you buy it, must be selected good-looking and unsaturated, so you have got a good taste, and good for health.

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