5 good reasons to sell your car

Despite the many benefits of owning a car, the acquisition of a car is not suitable for everyone, as the car adds financial burdens to its owner, especially in light of the constant rise in oil prices worldwide, and some may not really need the car, given the approaching distance between dwelling and work, or To cause it to add significant financial burdens to its owner.

There are other reasons that diminish the utility of owning a car, and in this case, the car should be abandoned without hesitation, in this report we review 5 of the reasons why selling the car the most healthy decision.

Nearby distances

If the distance between the dwelling and the place of work is less than 5 miles, it is not necessary to acquire a car, especially if shops and shopping malls are available near the house, and it is possible to use an electric or pneumatic bicycle in that case, as a means of assistance by taxi and walking.

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