5 Steps to ensure your privacy on the web

At a time when the age of the Internet and technology has been called, privacy is under direct threat and clearly, and sometimes we commit unintended mistakes, exposing our personal lives to breaking into strangers through the web without knowing, so we disclose some necessary advice, in order to preserve our privacy. Across the Internet and various networking sites.

Personal information on social media sites

Your account is not supposed to be full on Facebook, for example, with your exact personal information, things like date of birth, phone number, and home address will not benefit any of your friends in anything, but will become an easy way for strangers to violate your privacy, or perhaps exploit them in things that harm your private life.

Laptop shutdown

You must specify a password for your laptop, used when you close it or even when it is installed on sleep mode, although it is impossible to have a threat to your privacy by family members who live with you in the same house, but another crisis lies in the case of theft abroad, stressing the need to put the word quartz t him, not open without them.

Special applications for mobile phones

A mobile phone, which facilitates theft or loss, is more than any other electronic device, it must carry applications that help to track it, locate it, and even cancel your data and private information loaded on it if you want, in that case, besides setting a password for it without a doubt.

Browsing privacy

If you do not want anyone who uses the same device, the sites and pages you visit, to know at all, it is not complicated at all, just allow the “Private Browsing” feature, which will cancel your previous traffic history and temporary Internet files, once you close the page of the window or page that you Use.

Do not standardize passwords

Many seek to standardize the passwords of all sites or applications they use, which is useful because it reduces the chances of forgetting them, but it causes a lot of crises if a stranger reaches it, which means access to all of your social networking sites without any effort, so it is advisable to use a good password program, it will simply save those words and help you increase their strength as well.

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