5,000 US troops have been deployed near the Mexican border

Some 4,800 US troops have been deployed on the border with Mexico without specifying the cost of the operation, which the Democrats denounce as a “political maneuver” by President Donald Trump, the Pentagon said.

About 1,100 soldiers have been deployed in California, 1100 in Arizona, and 2600 in Texas on the eve of the crucial mid-term elections, which will determine whether Republicans retain control of Congress.

“The situation is still changing with the deployment of more units and troops in the area and we expect the number of items deployed today to be 5200,” said Col. Bob Manning, spokesman of the Defense Ministry. More than 7,000 regular soldiers are expected to provide support to the Ministry of Homeland Security, said Manning.

Some 2,100 National Guard reserve soldiers have been deployed in the area for some months. With the arrival of the new numbers, the total US military presence at the border with Mexico will increase to 9,000.

The deployment of troops is aimed at preventing the arrival of a Central American migrant convoy marching towards the United States from access to US territory, where they intend to seek asylum.

In response to a question about the cost of the operation, Manina said it had not yet been identified by the Pentagon’s financial services. “The ministry will absorb the cost, but I have no number to offer to you,” he said.

Manning said the Homeland Security Department had asked for regular soldiers, not reservists, who usually took part in operations on US soil, to take part in the operation.

This indicates that the White House is seeking to circumvent the opposition of some state governors who have to agree to the deployment of some of their state’s National Guard forces. “There is no plan for them to have direct friction with migrants or demonstrators,” said Manning.

Terb, who warned of the “invasion ” of thousands of immigrants currently in Mexico, announced the deployment of soldiers last week, saying that up to 15,000 troops could be involved in the operation.

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