6 Early signs of HIV/AIDS detection

HIV is defined as the main cause of weakened immune system, leading to AIDS, a virus that was difficult to treat in the past, before the development of medical science and finding things that can control the disease at its onset, so we illustrate the symptoms of HIV suffering before Development.

swollen glands
Swelling of the lymph nodes, including the posterior part of the head, thigh, armpits and neck, reveals a significant probability of suffering from HIV, which is the probability that its chances are increasing as it persists for several consecutive months, without the affected area returning from the body.

Sweating and fever at night
If you are suffering from sweating and fever at night, you may be infected with HIV without being aware, which needs to visit your doctor as soon as possible, especially since Night fever often reveals significant health crises.

Skin rashes and sores
Many people may not know that the rash is the most famous and the most serious symptom of HIV infection, where the patient’s skin then suffers from increased sensitivity, which leads to easy irritation, especially when exposed to sunlight, bearing in mind that the sores often appear in that case ho For mouth or genital areas, where you need quick medical treatments in order to control them.

Weight loss
The intention here is to lose weight for no apparent reason, where it is required to go to specialists, to demonstrate the secret of sudden drop in weight, then treat the problem from its roots.

A disease known as oral candidiasis, which affects either the mouth or throat, often reveals an early infection with HIV, allowing for treatment.

Permanent diarrhea
If the suffering of diarrhea goes beyond the two-week barrier, it is advisable to visit the doctor without delay, especially if the crisis is accompanied by a sense of nausea.

In the end, research statistics confirm that out of every 5 people infected with this dangerous virus that leads to AIDS, there is an infected person who does not know the crisis or disease of the foundation, so please pay attention when suffering from these symptoms and go to doctors immediately.

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