6 Lethal toxic substances found in most hair dyes products

A Chinese newspaper has released a serious first-class warning to most women in the world, about the existence of six deadly toxic substances and causing cancer, present in most commercial hair dyes.

The European Commission has banned some 22 chemical constituents, who are in the process of manufacturing most of the universally traded hair dyes, and the European Commission is currently investigating the extent of damage caused by 115 other components, said the Chinese newspaper “The Ipoh Times”.

The newspaper pointed out that the damage of these banned ingredients in the hair care products or that are tested, from the severe sensitivity of the skin, the eye and the throat, even irritation of the lung, rheumatoid arthritis, down to bladder cancer.
However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has developed a list of six toxic chemicals found in hair dyes that can be a major cause of cancer, describing them as the most dangerous to the health of their consumers.

That list was as follows:

  1. PPD Material

It is a substance commonly used as a tint of dark-coloured shadows, manufactured from coal tar, especially as it derives from petrol, gasoline, naphthalene, phenol and aniline, and is classified by the American body as banning skin contact and leading directly to cancer.

2-Hydrogen peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is used to remove the natural color before placing the color of the dye on the hair.

This material poses a great danger to the structure of the hair, especially because it makes it fragile and devoid of natural radiance.


Ammonia is used to lighten the hair or the outer layer of hairs, but that substance causes caustic burns and severe lung irritation.

  1. DMDM Hydantoin:

is a chemical, releases toxic chemical formaldehyde slowly, leads to tissue irritation and destroys the immune system.

  1. Paraben:

Paraben is two of the most common substances in hair care products, which lead to severe allergic reactions and irritation to the skin.


is a toxic chemical pigment, can cause irritation of the scalp, and severe sensitivity affects the endocrine system.

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