6 tips to prevent skin sagging

When you have a facial skin or sagging body for several reasons, aging is one of them, along with problems with the lack of important proteins in the body such as elastin and collagen, which requires attention to a number of tips that help protect against that crisis.

Healthy Eating
The quality of the food is sure to determine the shape of the body and the skin, as the processed food products are easy to prepare, the first enemy of the health of the skin, so it is advisable to avoid them and rely on fresh fruits and vegetables instead, which is confirmed by the health expert, Alison Tanis, with his reference to mango and eggs and chickpeas and raisins specifically, as an ideal group resist drooping skin successfully.

Avoid industrial beverages
The crisis is not only in the processed food, but also in those drinks with sugars and dangerous industrial substances, which work to drooping and sagging the skin over time, so that the face appears more advanced in age, bearing in mind also that the food filled with sugar and starch, increase the chances of appearance signs of aging.

Practice Sports
The suffering of excess weight naturally causes skin prolapse and dilation, as well as the weakening of elastin fibers in the face, contrary to what happens when you are interested in continuous physical exercise, where weight decreases in a healthy way, while the risk of skin exposure to prolapse and other signs of aging.

Caring for Skin
The recipes and creams used to care for the health of the skin, where Harvard health experts refer to creams containing vitamin A, as the ideal means to increase the skin production of collagen, which alerts the need to resort to those preparations semi-permanent, to keep young Skin for as long as possible.

Stay away from smoking
One of the scientific studies published in the British Journal of Dermatology has shown that smoking about 20 cigarettes on a daily basis means increasing the signs of progression in formal life for more than 10 years from the natural age, not to mention other health risks associated with smoking which sometimes lead To death.

Beware of Sunlight
It is advisable to avoid strong sunlight, especially in the afternoons, where the exposure of the skin to those rays without protecting it with custom creams, increases the chances of being damaged.

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