7 amazing prophecies have been achieved to change the world

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Predictions are a game of guesswork most of the time. Even if they are built on scientific methods, they often fail. But what surprises us here are seven far-reaching prophecies that have been made throughout history.

When Mark Twain predicted his death

While the famous writer Mark Twain was born, in the same year the appearance of Halley’s comet, in 1835, the writer expected to die in the same year that the comet would reappear in 1906, which has already been achieved!

A book that predicted today’s technology

In his book “Paris in the Twentieth Century,” French author John Verne foresaw some details of next-century technology, including skyscrapers, high-speed trains, electric elevators, calculators, and a worldwide communications network.

Richard Parker been eaten

Edgar Allan Bo, in one of his 1838 novels, did not expect superficial things to happen in a future event. He even wrote his details in a controversial way. He told of a lost ship. Three survivors ate the flesh of the fourth survivor, Richard Parker, hoping to survive. What exactly happened to a man named Richard Parker also, in 1884.

Life on Mars

In 1952, writer Werner von Brun wrote a book called Mars Project, in which he expected to discover the possibility of life on Mars, by a person called Elon, very close to the truth now, where the team of the famous company “SpaceX” to achieve this , Under the leadership of CEO Elon Mask!


The famous inventor, Nicolas Tesla, predicted the emergence of the Internet in the future, and even sought to do so by using the same tools now known, and through wireless electricity in 1909, but unfortunately did not succeed then.

Date of death through sleep hours

In 1754, by calculating the number of hours of sleep, the French mathematician, Abraham de Mauvever, predicted the day of his death by observing that he would increase his bedtime by about 15 minutes each day, bringing him to the day he slept for 24 hours. His death! What has already been achieved despite the false claims of the accuracy of that novel.

Titanic sinking

While author Morgan Robertson, his Titan novel in 1898, in which he spoke of a ship named Titan, was referred to as anti-drowning, but was already drowning after being struck by an iceberg in the North Atlantic, it was exactly 14 years after the novel appeared , Through the famous Titanic accident, in 1912!

The mantra that liberated Hitler

On June 19, 1941, three Russian anthropologists opened the tomb of the Mongol leader Timurlán to surprise an inscribed inscription that “Who will open my grave will face a more dangerous occupant.” The world will be surprised in just three days by a sweeping attack by Adolf Hitler’s men, on the Soviet territories!

Global trade towers attack

One of the scenes of the television program “Johnny Bravo”, which was broadcast in April 2001, saw the appearance of a banner bearing the image of one of the two burning World Trade Towers. “Soon,” it was only a few months before the tower was exposed to the terrorist incident Famous on September 11 of the same year!

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