A Chinese tour within the future homes of humans on Mars Photos

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China unveiled its ($61 million) base, designed to simulate what life would be for astronauts on Mars.

The base is located on a remote side of the arid Gobi Desert in China, 25 miles (40 kilometers) outside Jinchang City, northwest China’s Gansu province, which aims to promote local tourism and simulate the red Planet, and Beijing hopes The project inspires the next generation of astronauts.

Last year, Chinese officials unveiled plans for an uninhabited launch to Mars in 2020, claiming that The mission will pave the way for a  human settlement on the Red Planet, but did not reach a date for manned missions.

The place has been chosen for its distinctive red and rocky land, making it an ideal environment for Mars simulation, it has a large Martian-style tourist attraction open to the general public and a simulation camp for space exploration, for those who want to experience the shape of life on the planet.

Among the nine on-site cabins, there are living quarters and a mission control center, which can be used by future Mars colonies by China.

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