A company forcing employees to walk of shame for failing to reach target

Staff in southeast China company have been subjected to a new kind of punishment, forcing them to walk in the street wearing only underpants.

The Daily Mail newspaper said the director of a company managing Chinese gymnasiums had decided to punish 30 of his employees by stripping them and forcing them to walk naked at the streets of China’s Zhangmen City after failing to achieve target or harassment deal.

Chinese media reported that the scene of nude employees had surprised passers, and later found out that they were sales staff at a gym.

It seemed to the staff embarrassed walking in a straight line quietly and increased embarrassment by pedestrians and the media to photograph them, while said one of the staff who were punished:

“I gladly accept the punishment that the company has signed for me.”

The employee added that the female employees were not subjected to similar punishment.

They were only asked to perform pressure exercises instead of removing their clothes and walking in the street like men did.

A former employee at the same gymnasium revealed that the company often deducted from employees 200 yuan for failing to meet target profits, and sometimes 500 yuan was deducted due to delays on official working hours.

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