A giant ice coffin has been sailing in the ocean for 18 years

NASA scientists discovered a strange thing near the Ross Glacier Cliff in the Antarctic Ocean.

NASA researchers announced they found a giant ice shelf in the form of a coffin, sailing in the ocean 18 years ago.

According to the Daily Mail, the Ice shelf sails on its last voyage, as it goes to warm water and dissolves gradually. The newspaper noted that the ice shelf in the pictures is covered with clouds, which makes it look scary.

“NASA ” pointed out that the ice shelf got this form for natural reasons because of its long sailing in the ocean, as the water breaks parts of it, as the hammer does with metal.

“The shape of the coffin — just a coincidence,” said the ice scientist at “NASA ” Chris Schumann. Taking into account his journey in the 18 and a half years, we can only guess about the powers that affected the cliff after a long journey around the South Pole. ”

The ice scientists at NASA Confirm that the bulk of the Antarctic ice will disappear as a result of melting ice after 30-40 years.

The weight of the Antarctic ice has reportedly dropped 3 trillion tons since 1992.

The researchers have previously discovered an ice shelf with straight edges, a strange phenomenon, which has not been recorded for decades.

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