A homeless woman slaps Lindsay Lohan on her face (video)

American actress Lindsay Lohan is currently being criticized for social networking sites after harassing a homeless family on the street.

Lohan broadcast a live video via her account on Instagram, tracking a homeless family on the street and trying to separate their son from his parents.

Lindsay Lohan claims that the family is displaced from Syria, according to the video, which she filmed at night.

When she got to the homeless family on the street, she told the boy, “You want to come with me, I’ll take care of you, do you want to stay in a hotel tonight?

When the parents refused to show Lindsay Lohan, she became more intense with them. “You are not supposed to have a sleeping child on the ground,” she said. “You have to work hard and you must do everything in your power for your children to have a better life,” she told the mother.

“If someone offers you a bed and a home for your son, you must give it to me, and it will come back to you.”

“I will not leave until I take you with me,” Lohan said to the son. “I have now learned who you are, so do not mess with me.”

The family then moved away, followed by Lindsay Lohan on the street, but the situation became more hostile when the mother slapped Lohan in the face to leave them on their way.

Lohan expressed her deep shock at the slapping of the displaced woman and began to cry.

Lindsay Lohan’s video with the homeless family was highly popular on the Internet, and most social networking users agreed that Lohan was trying to kidnap the boy from his family.

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