A knockout kills the Italian Muay Thai champion Christian Daghio in the ring

An Italian boxing champion lost his life, influenced by a knockout he received while competing for a world title at the Thai Boxing tournament known as “Muay Thai”.

A video of the final game, published by the British newspaper “Sun”, Monday, Italian Christian Daghio (age 49), receives punches from his Thai rival, Don Barwing, without being pushed back.

The Italian star was on the ground to announce the beating of Barwing.

The medical team intervened in an attempt to rescue Daghio , but his difficult condition required him to be hospitalized, where he entered a coma before he was declared dead, Friday.

The brother of the Italian star confirmed the news of the death, saying that the legend died “As wanted in the ring “, pointing out that he wanted to continue fighting until eighty years old.

The game was held on October 26, in the title of Thai Boxing, also known as the “Art of the eight Parties”, with boxers using their hands, legs, knees and even their facilities.

The final of the 12th round ended with a fatal knockout.

Daghio fought over 200 pro boxing games and won seven international titles in Thai boxing and boxing in general.

The late Italian star was married and left a 5-year-old girl.

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