a law in Australia allowing the renting of cemeteries for a fixed period of time

Australia’s New South Wales government is considering a law allowing the leasing of graves, local press reports said.

The proposed law, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, allows graves to be rented for 25 to 99 years if the relatives of the deceased do not have the ability to pay the rent for permanent burial places for their families.

The cost of burial in Australia has become prohibitively expensive, with a single grave costing between $ 2,727 and $ 3,506.

The proposed law allows the removal of the witness’s stone for the deceased tenant if the rent is not renewed within two years of the expiry of the agreed period.

The body is then transferred to a public cemetery or so-called “bone rooms” to be leased to another family.

For its part, the New South Wales Jewish Council expressed its support for the law, as it would take into account the religious beliefs that the tomb should not be reused for more than one person, and therefore the law would not affect its community.

On the other hand, a leader of the opposition Labor Party criticized the law, stressing that it imposed terrible options on many families.

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