A man begging in a commercial plane .. video

Footage of a Qatar Airways plane spotted a strange and chaotic situation where a man appeared begging passengers to collect alms.

The video showed a passenger inside a Qatar Airways plane as they prepared to take off from Doha airport on a trip to the Iranian city of Shiraz, the Daily Mail reported.

The scene shows a man, who is said to be Iranian, wearing a turban, and standing in the hall of the airplane salon carrying a bag and begging passengers.

The air hostess was the first to intervene to stop this strange behavior, and the passenger sat on his seat before departure according to the known rules. However, it did not end easily and the man persisted in collecting the “favors” of the passengers. One crew member and another host joined the ” Air beggar “to stop his activity and sit in his seat and buckle.

The British newspaper commented on this strange incident, saying that the price of a ticket on board Qatar Airways is about 400 pounds, how do this beggar got this amount of money?

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