A new Chinese train without Rods

trains no longer needs rods, after China uncovered a railless train without the need for a railway, and relying on some sensors, which enables it to grasp the exact dimensions of the road.

Train rods and alternative rubber wheels

“The train, which will be powered by electricity in 2018, is expected to start on rubber wheels instead of the usual rails, relying on dedicated sensors,” said Feng Jianhua, one of the engineers responsible for the huge project. Meters. ”

The Chinese train, which will operate automatically without restrictions on the rail movement, consists of three vehicles, each of which is likely to carry about 307 passengers, while the maximum speed will reach 70 kilometers per hour.

“The cost of this train is material,” says one of the train’s inventors. “The cost of constructing the other trains and the subway is quite similar, with regular trains usually cost between 400 million and 700 million yuan (£ 46-80 million). The modern train we designed is only 15 million Chinese yuan. ”

10 minutes for charging

In addition to the low cost of the train compared to other types, the modern train requires only a short period of time, not more than ten minutes, for charging, and then starting for at least 25 kilometers without the need to stop, while many experts in China, it will become Great way to facilitate transportation there.
The project was carried out by CRRC Zhuzhou, one of China’s leading transport companies and responsible for designing several roads in the large Asian country. The project has been implemented since 2013, Expected for about 5 years.

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