a new type of worms Discovered capable of grinding rocks (video)

A team of scientists discovered a new type of worms capable of eating the stone, and taking it out of his gut when disposing of the waste.

According to the Chronicle of the Royal Society B, worms were discovered in 2016, in the Philippine Islands of the Philippines, and named “Liberdo abatenica “.

Research has shown that this marine animal gets any nutrients from the rocks, which devour them, and grows its body until it reaches one metre or more.

The researchers observed what the worms do by putting them in a water basin, and discovered that they are eating rocks using their thick teeth, and later put them in the form of sand, and published pictures of the rocks that appeared cavities of the sculpture left by the animal while feeding.

Other theories suggest that these worms, which are hidden amidst the rocks of the Freshwater river, use stone as a catalyst to grind food and facilitate digestion, so that they can digest organisms like plankton.

In 2017, large Kuphus polythalamia tubular worms, living at depths of more than 1,800 metres in the Pacific Ocean near black smokers, were discovered and could live in a centre rich in hydrogen sulfide.

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