A new yacht doesn’t need fuel at all

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Silent 80, the luxury 24-metre catamaran powered by solar energy .

An Austrian company has unveiled a new luxury yacht, fully powered by solar energy, and does not need fuel permanently.

The yacht works by the same batteries as the Tesla electric car, costing four million pounds sterling, as published by the “yacht Harbor “.

The new yacht accommodates ten guests in five compartments and is ideal for an environmentally friendly millionaire, who prefers to sail smoothly, causing no noise or contamination.

The yacht has 70 solar panels, powered by an Austrian company, the only one in the world that produces solar and electric boats.

Four copies of the yacht were sold, although it is still under construction in Ancona, Italy, and the first model is expected to be delivered early in 2020.

The electric propulsion system allows it to reach a maximum speed of 10 nodes without hearing any noise.

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