A painting made by a robot sold in auction in New York

  • 2018-09-21T144837Z_166240319_RC15AB7173D0_RTRMADP_3_FRANCE-ART-ARTIFICIAL-INTELLIGENCE

A robot can do a lot of tasks that were previously reserved for humans … but can it ever be an alternative to the artist?

This is what a group of French businessmen believed, and they designed computer algorithms that could redraw original paintings similar to those of top artists such as Rembrandt.

Through this design paintings is imagine the Baron of Balame town and aristocratic figures linked to him.

Although the final result was confusing and unclear to the likes of Rembrandt, she was good enough to show one at the Christie’s auction house in New York for sale in October at a price of between $ 7,000 and $ 10,000.

“We are artists with a different kind of painting feather,” said Hugo Caselle Dober, a computer engineer who founded the group with my childhood friend Gutierrez Vernier and Pierre Fotreil. Rechta is an algorithm we develop on a computer. ”

The algorithm produces these artwork by exiting new images after providing the computer with existing panel data.

“The visual images are not the only thing that makes up the final painting,” he says. The whole message and the technical process to get the visual image are also important, perhaps more important than the final product. ”

“But some artists have not been convinced that a machine can make a real art.”

“There is always a sense of what is behind the painting … whether it is anger or desire” said painter Robert Prestjiacomo. But artificial intelligence … is the expression speaks for itself … artificial.

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