A partnership between Rolls-Royce and Intel to develop self-propelled ships

  • Rolls Royce ship
  • unmaned ship

The British Rolls Royce Company announced its signature in the automotive world of a partnership with Intel, as part of its quest to develop ships with self-driving technologies, aiming to launch its first production by 2025, after starting its first steps to work on the project in 2010.

To be more clear, Rolls-Royce Automotive is another branch of Rolls Royce that has been built to develop ships, and the company has developed an intelligent system to assist ships driven by real people, through a system of cameras, LIDAR sensors, as well as radars.

But it aims at collaborating with Intel to transform the system to help drive ships individually without a crew inside.

The company aims from its future system to identify the objects surrounding the vehicle from different ships and terrain to help it to walk smoothly in the difficult weather atmosphere to avoid accidents that can be caused by the poor visibility of the crew in a similar atmosphere, and to develop this system the company has placed on a number of Ships to determine its effectiveness and take advantage of the information it provides.

While most automobile companies are seeking to produce their own cars, Rolls-Royce has been in different ways to develop the ship’s self-driving system.

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