A piece of the moon sold at an auction at an imaginary price

A piece of the moon, estimated at 12 pounds (5.5 kilograms), was sold at an auction on Friday, with more than half a million dollars.

The “R/R” auction company, based in Boston, USA, announced that the lunar meteor was sold in the amount of 612 thousand and 512 dollars, consisting of 6 fragments, which took a shape similar to the puzzles, and was for a representative of the complex Tam Chok pagoda, located in the province “Ha nam” in Vietnam, according to the news Associated Press “.

The lunar meteor, last year, was found in a remote area of Mauritania in north-west Africa.

The meteor is one of the most important lunar meteorites ever found, because of its large size and the presence of a “partially molten crust” resulting from the immense heat that burnt the rock when it fell on the ground.

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