A strong relationship between iron deficiency and hair loss

Health and nutrition experts stress that the human being loses between 50 to 100 hairs per day, but the increase at that rate should be alerted to several problems, the foremost of which is iron deficiency, as we make clear now.

Iron, oxygen and blood cells

Important tips for hair strengthening, continuously subjecting the scalp to massage, and proving that this effective advice is due to the importance of the role of blood flow to strengthen the hair and prevent its loss, where we discover the importance of oxygen, which reaches from the lungs to the rest of the body, through the flow of blood, so lets massage the arrival of blood and oxygen to the hair, to become stronger and more cohesive than before, but what about the role of iron on that journey?
Specific parts of the blood can transmit oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body, which are known as red blood cells, which, in one case, are fully functioning in the same way as the required ratios of iron.

In the opinion of specialists, the lack of care to eat dishes containing good percentages of iron, means the lack of production of the body of red blood cells, and then the difficulty of reaching required levels of oxygen to the organs and parts of the body, where the crisis here lies not only the probability of hair loss, but also extends to the rise of The disease, which comes in the head of the diseases of the anemia.

Although baldness is a problem that affects the hair in a hereditary way, it is sometimes a warning of iron deficiency in the body, so we find that the treatment here requires the owner to increase the amount of iron he acquires from foods, without resorting to therapeutic drugs and complex surgeries.

There are many diets that ensure that those who eat have good amounts of iron that are necessary for the body, and for hair in particular, where we find that foods such as red meat, fish and green leaves are filled with iron, which increases the production of red blood cells the main conductor of oxygen from the lungs To the body, which protects the hair from falling without a doubt.

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