A universal language that gives humans the ability to communicate with aliens

Some researchers believe that there is a universal language that can allow humans to talk to alien from space . The 2016 film “Arrival,” a lingua franca with links to alien beings, could be the closest to the truth, experts say. At the “Language in the Universe” workshop at the International Space Development Conference, held in Los Angeles last week, researchers discussed the best ways to communicate with intelligent space Entities.

Douglas Fakuch, founder and head of METI, began to “exchange” external messages in late 2017. The group held a one-day workshop to create clearer messages for space Entities by examining how to interact Humans with each other.

The linguist, Noam Chomsky, said that if intelligent beings visit Earth, you will think that all humans speak the same language, according to New Scientist. Chomsky explained that grammatical rules define every human language, and therefore can not be distinguished for the odd ear.

“Chomsky often said that if Merici visited the Earth he would think that we are all speaking the same language, because all terrestrial languages ​​share a common infrastructure, but if space Entities have a language, they would be similar,” he said in a statement from the workshop. This is the most important question. ”

At the workshop, Jeffrey Bonzky of Southern Illinois University, Ian Roberts of Cambridge University, and Chomsky also discussed the idea that because of global rules on Earth, these rules would extend to languages ​​outside our planet.

Roberts and his colleagues suggest that the process of “integration”, which combines individual words and repeats them repeatedly to form complex sentences, can also be found in foreign languages. By moving these messages into space, the process is like mathematics. Vakuch also explained the idea of ​​using mathematics as a common language in a separate interview. However, Gonzalo Monivar of the Lawrence University of Technology said that space Entities have brains different from humans if they already have brains. There is therefore no guarantee that they will understand any connection from the ground.

The traditional approach to using mathematics to communicate with space Entities has no evidence of success, as evidenced by NASA’s Golden Record aboard a Voyager vehicle to help exotic beings understand humanity.

The records include a collection of maps, pictures, sketches, 117 photos, humpback whale sounds, recorded greetings in 54 languages, and an “audio essay” of life on Earth for 20 minutes and 90 minutes of music. Voyager 1 is 13 billion miles from Earth, traveling north through space. However, it will be 40,000 years before approaching another star system.

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