first video of Harvey Weinstein flirting with one of his female victims

Wednesday, on television, showed the first video of American producer Harvey Weinstein, who is fondling one of his victims, before accusing him later of raping her.

The victim, Melissa Thompson, said she had videotaped the pictures with Winston stealthily through her laptop during a 2011 New York City meeting in which he appeared refusing to shake hands with Thompson, but hugged her and rubbed her back.
“Let me get a small part of you, can you give it to me,” Weinstein told Melissa Thompson in one of the shots.

While Thompson points out that Weinstein put his hand on her dress during the meeting, this does not appear in the video, because it depicts them from waist to toe, and Thompson seemed uncomfortable with his actions with her.

In contrast, Harvey Winston’s lawyer said the video “shows nothing strong condemning his client,” and shows his joke with Thompson.

Attorney Ben Bravman confirmed that Tomison had produced the video to strengthen its position in a civil suit seeking to get the money through.

Melissa Thompson was accused of later meeting with Harvey Winston at a bar in a nearby hotel, then led her to a room there and raped her.

She accused more than 75 women, Harvey Winston, of molesting and raping them, who was one of the strongest men in Hollywood, and was the main reason for the launch of the “Me too” campaign against sexual harassment.

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