A weather forecast presenter work with her baby on her back (video)

The US weather forecast broadcaster, Susie Martin, surprised her followers by presenting her air bulletin in a new way in which she bore a lot of motherhood.

Where Susie Martin surprised her followers and the weather news viewers, carrying her one-year-old son on her back.

The announcer said during her presentation that she was doing so to participate in the World Infant Carrying Week, according to the website “tendaily”.

Susie Martin, a Paradelectics agent, appeared in special clothes with her baby on her back while he was yawning and sleeping.

Rain Returns

We have a special guest in the studio today! Here's a sneak peek of your end-of-week forecast. To learn more about wearing babies, check out Babywearing International, Inc. #kywx #IBW2017

Posted by Spectrum News Kentucky on Thursday, October 5, 2017

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