A woman drinks cola instead of water for 64 years

An elderly British woman has revealed her lifestyles, which are contrary to what doctors have been accustomed to recommending – giving up drinking water and drinking cola drinks for decades.

Jackie Big, 77, hasn’t been drinking water for the rest of her life, drinking Pepsi-cola while still enjoying good health and a good body.

Besides being a mother of four, she is also the grandmother of 11 grandchildren, according to the Daily Mail.

Beige says she spent nearly £ 65,000 on Pepsi, which she finds great fun when she drinks it, despite doctors’ warning of osteoporosis.

For 64 years, Big used to drink Pepsi after she had eaten the first pack since she was 13.

Beg was cut off from Pepsi only when she was pregnant in the 1970s, when doctors did not allow her to drink it.

Grandma added that she did not drink water, and will not drink it until she died, nor was she is a fan of tea, coffee, milk or other drinks.

“Pepsi-cola is not prepared to be addicted, it’s only my morning sickness. But when I get a cold shot or go out for a walk I take a bottle.”

Because of her drinking of Pepsi only, Beige sometimes gets ridiculed but she does not care, she said.

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