Advertisers accuse Facebook for increasing their ads views up to 900% than reality

Facebook company did not end the privacy problems until the founder of the Instagram and the founder of WhatsApp resins because of internal problems about advertisements and user protection, until another problem centered on the company’s deception of the advertisers on the network according to the Wall Street Journal.

Facebook is manipulating the rate at which video ads appear on its network by increasing the real rate by up to 900%, which means that the company has more than 900% of the real value for advertising, the report said.

A group of advertisers filed a case against the company and its president, Mark Zuckerberg, at the main court in Auckland, where they accuse the company of manipulating the real rate to see their ads.

The problem appears to have started on Facebook since 2015 and was later discovered by the company without making any movement to stop it, but in 2016 it returned and talked about a defect in the measurement tools for advertising and it gives a rate of 60% to 80% higher than the real rate of watch.

But as can be seen from the known case, the rate of increase in the real percentage of advertising is between 150% to 900%.

This issue would cause serious problems for the company by losing advertisers on the one hand, as well as the possibility of paying huge sums to advertisers who were tricked on the other hand.

It should be noted that this case is under fraud and, if proven, there will be severe penalties for the company and its President in accordance with the law.

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