Africa Cup of Nations 2019 .. CAF decides the name of the host country

Following a previous sign of Cameroon’s delay in preparations for the 2019 African Cup of Nations and speculation that the tournament would be withdrawn, the African Football Confederation¬† issued its final decision on Wednesday.

CAF announced in a statement on its website that the next edition of the tournament will be held in Cameroon after a meeting between Cameroonian President Paul Biya and CAF President Ahmed Ahmed on Tuesday.

Speaking to reporters, Ahmed denied the possibility of withdrawing the tournament from Cameroon, and stressed that the federation “did not think about it.”

A few days ago, the Union revealed a “significant delay” in the level of infrastructure in the preparation of Cameroon, and pointed out that the “final decision” on this hosting will be issued in late November.

Earlier, Ahmed hinted that the tournament could be assigned to Morocco, South Africa or Egypt, if they were withdrawn from Cameroon.

Moroccan newspapers have been quoted as saying in the past months that Morocco would be the most likely to host the tournament if it withdraws from Cameroon. The Kingdom was due to host the 2015 version before apologizing for the spread of the Ebola virus.

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