After a Google search for it, the “Loch Ness monster” goes to land

On the 81st anniversary of the famous fake photo, which is claimed to capture the head and neck of Loch Ness Lake , Google allowed its users to search for the monster themselves, as Google modified its street viewing service to include 23 miles in Loch Ness Lake, Scotland.

Google also sent divers to dive 800 feet deep into the mythical lake and take pictures inside. Is the Loch Ness monster real? Is it already deep in the lake? These are questions that you can identify yourself by viewing the lake images on the Google Street View service, by clicking on this link.

You can also follow this interesting video about the divers who discovered and searched for the Loch Ness monster:

After being in the water  a monster of Loch Ness  goes out to land

A resident of Scotland picked up a new picture of the Loch Ness, but this time he was walking on land.

Jimmy Wright confirmed he picked up the picture when he was walking around with his dog near a place called Crow Hill.

“It seemed to me that it looked like a dinosaur,” Mirror said, adding: “I never believed it existed, it’s really unusual.”

Wright posted the photo on the village page on Facebook and gained popularity very quickly.

This is not the first time that Loch Ness monster has appeared. The Daily Star earlier published a photograph taken by a couple at the Lake. In June of this year, the newspaper reported that the beast actually lives in Russia at Lake Khantu In the area of ​​Yamala-Nnetsk.

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