After leaking the settlement deal, Ronaldo may returns to Portugal to avoid his trial in the United States

The US authorities can issue a European arrest warrant for the extradition of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, who faces charges of raping a girl in Las Vegas in 2009, a legal expert said.

According to the British newspaper The Mirror, the legal expert says that the US authorities may issue an arrest warrant against Ronaldo, pointing out that the only way that the Portuguese star to take to avoid arrest is to return to his homeland, Portugal.

“It is impossible to adopt an arrest warrant for suspects living in their country,” said senior lawyer Emilio Cortes.

“The rules in Europe and the United States are different. The US authorities have the right to request Ronaldo’s extradition unless he is in Portugal.”

In the latest development of the case, Der Spiegel published on Monday evidence of the rape, the details of the settlement signed by the two parties (Ronaldo and the alleged victim) in 2010, to treat the matter amicably away from the courts, 9 years before the judiciary decides to go to the court.

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