After the cars Uber uses lighter Scooter

The request for transportation services from uber is no longer limited to cars. Some customers in the United States can request an electric scooter from one place to another without being crowded or having to deal with drivers.

Transport company Uber launched the first electric scooter service in Santa Monica, California, amid efforts to diversify activities and not just cars.

uber acquired Gump for electronic scooter last April and has since worked to integrate these light machines into its famous application.

According to the British newspaper “Telegraph”, people in Santa Monica can find the scooter on the side of the cars as they browse the application.

Those who book the scooter can take it on the street and ride it to their destination. The other details are carefully determined. The cost of taking the scooter is $ 1 while the cost of use is 15 cents per minute.

uber has earlier announced its intention to open up to light means of transport such as a bike and scooter, to provide services to people who want to travel short distances and do not want to take cars that sometimes cost them expensive.

Electronic scooters are widely popular among environmentalists as a clean transport, while the world faces serious consequences for air pollution and global warming.

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