After the controversial interview .. Egypt Air magazine apologizes to Drew Barrymore

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An Egyptian Air Arabia magazine apologized Tuesday for an interview with American actress Drew Barrymore that sparked controversy on the Internet as many people questioned it’s credibility on social networking sites.

The editor-in-chief of Horus magazine and the director of the Al Ahram Agency for Publicity published a letter on Tuesday suggesting that the problem came from translating from English to Arabic and vice versa.

They wrote in the letter: “We apologize for any understanding has been interpreted as abuse of the great artist,” according to the agency.

The writer and political analyst, Adam Baron, published pictures taken by the magazine and interview on Twitter, saying that he was on the flight “Egypt Air,” and reading the magazine, which published an interview described as “fictional” with the American actress, and said that the article included misspellings and grammatical parts.

“It is known that Barrymore had more than 17 relationships, sermons and marriages, and psychologists believe that her behavior is normal, because she lacked the role of role models in her life after the separation of her parents when she was only 9 years old.”

A Barrymore spokesman told the Metro newspaper that the star had spoken to the journalist, but her words were “not intended for publish in the magazine.”

Earlier, the article’s editor, Aida Takla, wrote on Twitter on October 3 that the magazine may have overstated the article, but “this does not deny the fact that the interview with Drew Barrymore in New York was real and far away Distance from fabrication “.

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