After the helicopter escape, French police regain Radwan Fayed

After fleeing the prison last summer in a Hollywood way, French police succeeded in arresting the famous gangster Radwan Fayed.

French police sources told Reuters on Wednesday that Fayed had been chased since early July after gunmen escaped from prison in a helicopter, arrested in the town of Cree, north of Paris.

Interior Minister Gerard Colomb, who recently resigned to the French president, also confirmed Fayed.

Fayed was serving a 25-year sentence in a prison south of the French capital for an armed robbery that killed a policewoman in 2010.

About four months ago, Fayed, 46, escaped from prison with the help of three armed men who brought a helicopter to smuggle him.

The plane landed in the courtyard of the prison, and the gunmen took Fayed from the visiting room where he was present, and fled the escape without being intercepted by the guards.

Fayed then abandoned the helicopter, which police later found burned down north of Paris, to complete the escape in a black car.

Fayed is one of the most famous gangsters in France and has a long history of thefts that he says inspired him from popular Hollywood films like Scarface and Hit.

Fayed fled prison in 2013 and took four guards hostage before he used the dynamite to blow up a way out and escape with a car waiting for him.

He was released six weeks before being arrested by police in a hotel with one of his accomplices. A red notice from Interpol, similar to an international arrest warrant, was described as a threat.

Fayed spent 10 years in prison until 2009, when the authorities released him and put him under surveillance and then convinced his monitors that he had “changed”.

His fame has grown since he appeared on several television programs, issuing books about his history and turning him into a criminal on the outskirts of Paris.

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