Alibaba develops a cheap technique to help blind people shopping

Shopping through various electronic platforms has become commonplace and widespread, since the smart phones have come into service, the sighted human being has no trouble getting to the purpose of purchasing anything meet his taste, but it is different for blind people, although there is a digital screen reader that make things Much easier for them in terms of dealing with social applications networks and communicating with friends, but e-shopping remains a problem for them, because shopping sites are complex and crowded with icons, which makes it difficult to reach the commodity or product because the digital reader will pass on describing everything before Access to the purpose in question, in addition to the confirmation and return orders in the list and the transition in which they encounter difficulty and often cause the ordering of wrong items.

Two years ago, AliBaba announced its work to provide a technology for the blind to facilitate the smart phone shopping process, which was carried out in the Damo Academy of Research, where I found today to provide what is called (smart Touch) a plastic piece placed at the top of the screen containing three small buttons of Silicon enables to issue orders when pressed, such as a return on the list or confirmation of a particular order such as purchase, which helps the blind people to avoid erroneous choices of orders and makes it easier to use manual compression of shortcuts away from misunderstanding with Digital reader.

The new touch feature is a gateway to increase the interaction between the visually impaired and the machine represented here by the smartphone in a way similar to that of the sighted person, and the use of the new touch tool from Alibaba is not only on the fingers, but also used to listen to certain text quickly without Use the headset or turn it on the loudspeaker by lifting the phone and touching the buttons for the ear.

The Smart Touch piece works on two special versions of the Taobao and Alipay applications where the functionality of the buttons is different when switching between applications automatically, while the (Smart Touch), which does not exceed $1 for many tests before the launch of the beginning of 2019 as stated by the company, where the director said Research at Damo Chen Zhao Academy that the technology is ready but it only needs time to test it on various smartphones.

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