All McLaren speed tail cars are sold out

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  • speedtail

The British company McLaren Unveiled, Friday, a “speed tail” car information, which can run very quickly up to 402 kilometers per hour.

According to Bloomberg, the three-seater luxury car, topped with a gold logo, will not be available for delivery until 2020.

The cost of the car, inspired by the McLaren F , is $2.3 million, and the company will produce 106 copies of the advertised model.

According to a spokeswoman for the company, the 100 and six cars were sold entirely on the basis of prior requests, so no additional vehicles were left for those who wanted to be privileged by this unique leadership experience.

The luxury vehicle, which allows for a smooth driving of the driver by company, can move from sleep to 186 miles in just 12.8 seconds.

Speedtail operates a hybrid system combining gasoline and electric motors, with a strength of 987 horsepower.

The British luxury car company is betting on competing with other companies in the market such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, with McLaren Selling only about 3,500 cars per year.

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