All-new BMW 3 Series 2019 (photos & videos)

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BMW has unveiled the all-new BMW 3 Series, with its seventh generation, which is longer and more advanced than the previous generation, and has received the latest BMW technology and developed identity, reviving competition from new in the luxury sedan.

The new 3 Series 2019 actually increased, the length of the wheelbase increased by + 41 mm, the overall length increased by 76 mm, the width was +16, the weight was reduced by 55 kg, with the ideal weight distribution of 50/50, An increase of 50%, which gave it a more consistent dimensions than the previous generation, as well as the quality of its leadership thanks to weight loss and the distribution of his ideal,
The BMW 3 Series has the upgraded BMW ID and we notice it in the larger and larger Kidney Grill network, the large connected lamps in the grille, the rear lights with its simple design and the slim L-shaped LED line, but at the same time distinguish the BMW Series 3 from any Another car with sharp headlamps that are available with a laser lens, LED down-side LED lighting with a side ventilation window, and a distinctive design will also be found in the rear, while the lateral design seems familiar with a slight adjustment of the roof sloping to expand the interior space and improve air resistance.

This time is simple With quiet little lamps prominent and dual exhaust.

Although the interior design of the third class 2019 may seem to have not changed much, but BMW has redesigned the whole interior, where the new BMW 10.25 “inch screen is available in a low position compared to the previous generation that was at the top of the center console, And a full screen with a 12.3 “screen with a very contemporary design and a HUD screen on the windshield that is 70% larger than the last generation. The center console with its buttons and air conditioning It has become more stylish and fashionable, with a touch Storage of large bottom, and the transmission control unit and the screen has been redesigned to also share the same BMW design class eighth and X5.

With the launch of the vehicle, BMW will provide the following engines:

The 330i class with a 4-cylinder engine produces 225 hp and 400 Newton-meters, accelerating from 0-100 km / in just 5.6 seconds. (Available in front or quadruple push)

340i xDrive with a new 6 cylinder engine produces 382 hp, accelerating from 0-100 km / h in only 4.2 seconds.

All engines are connected to a new 8-speed automatic transmission, and BMW has confirmed that it is working on the iPerformance hybrid sports class.


BMW has also been providing the third class with a new suspension system that improves the quality of the thorax driving thanks to reduced body movement and vibration, its tilt orientation to provide a sporty feel while driving, and better stability.

The BMW 3 Series has a range of advanced driving systems, most notably a semi-autonomous driving system, called BMW’s Extended Traffic Jam Assistant designed for highways and used in traffic jams, so that the car automatically controls the direction of the steering wheel along the road, And return to natural speed, and what is distinctive in this system is that he follows the driver so that when his eyes on the road, he does not need to put his hands on a leash at all as in some competitors that appear alert every 30-50 seconds.

In addition to this system, the BMW third class 2019 will be available in the system of keeping the track with the avoidance of side impact, vibration of the steering wheel to the alarm, as well as the system of warning the passage of the car or pedestrians behind the car, and self-parking system, With the Back-Up Assistant feature that enables you to take the car out of very narrow positions remotely while you’re out of the car.

The sale of the third category will begin on March 9, 2019.

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