Amazing footage of the giant “milky moon”

An amazing video released on June 1 shows a giant moon approaching at close to 12 people at the top of the Tide volcano on the Canary Islands of Tanri, and then the orb begins to disappear behind the edge of The sky.

The video was taken by Daniel Lopez, a photographer for the Astronomical Picture of the Day, a Web site provided and supervised by NASA and the University of Michigan, using a telescope that was set up 16 kilometers from the volcano, He was already a giant. The moon seemed to be moving very fast, but the most spectacular moments were when it went down to the ground, and the timelapse technique was not used. It was “the speed of the moon already,” NASA said.

The video was filmed on May 30, when the moon was complete. It was called “Moon of Venus” or “Moon of Milk”, a name derived from the Native American tribes that gave each moon a different name throughout the year for tracking seasonal events in half North of the globe.

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