Amazing scientific facts about dreams

What percentage do you remember from your dream yesterday? Do you see dreams in color or black and white? If these questions seem strange to you, perhaps because you will know these answers for the first time.

There is real information about dreams that came from studies of psychiatrists. All of us dream, but we do not think whether we dreamed of it real or a symbol of another meaning? Why do we fear most of our dreams? These facts about dreams can answer you.

we Remember only 10% of the dream

Forget the equivalent of 50%  of the dream within 5 minutes of waking up and after 10 minutes we have forgotten 90% of the dream to keep us only 10% still remember it. It is believed that one does not dream it is wrong, we all dream but some of us forget the whole dream thinks he did not dream at all.

The blind ones also dreams

This information may be new to many: blind people from their childhood also dream, even though they have not actually seen images, but their other senses, such as the flesh, touch and feeling, help them to see dreams.

We see familiar faces in our dreams

Our mind does not invent new faces, so in our dreams we see real faces of people we have seen in our lives perhaps old and do not remember them. We have all seen thousands of faces throughout our lives, so we have an endless supply of mind-driven personalities during dreams.

There are dreams in black and white

About 12% of people see black and white dreams, while others see dreams in multiple colors. Studies from 1915 to the 1950s showed that most dreams were black and white, but these results began to change in the 1960s, and today 4.4% of the dreams of people under 25 are in black and white. Recent research has shown that it is linked to what people see as black and white films, media and television that have turned into colors.

Dreams stories are symbolic

If you dream about a particular subject, it does not necessarily have to happen what you saw. The dream story is often symbolic of other things that have to do with your daily reality and events. Dreams speak in a deep symbolic language.

Dreams are mostly negative

Frequent feelings in dreams are anxiety, tension and fear. Negative emotions are the most common of those positive in dreams.

Animals also dreams

Studies have been conducted on many different animals, all of which show the same brain waves that are produced by humans during sleep and dreaming.

The dream is sometimes merged into reality

Our senses work during the dream and the mind may pick up things that actually happen to our senses, enter into our dreams and be part of them, we are often asleep and hear a voice from reality and integrate it into the dream, just as you dream that you are in a party just because your brother is playing music next to you.

Men differ from women in their dreams

Men dream so much of other men. The male figure in the man’s dream accounts for about 70% of his dream figures, while the dream of women contains almost equal numbers of men and women. Men also have more aggressive feelings in their dreams than females.

Snoring prevents you from dreaming

There are studies that say that sufferers who snore during sleep for long periods prevent them from entering dreams, but there is no strong scientific evidence for this information.

Dream more than once every night

You can see from 4 to 7 dreams every night by changing the hour to two hours you spend dreaming during your sleep, but you can not remember all your dreams.

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