Amazing things happen in every minute worldwide

We may think that only one minute will have little impact on any level. Thinking about the amount of achievement that can be achieved in just 60 seconds can be a bit difficult if we imagine it individually. If we look at the minute and what happens during the whole world, We will be very shocked.

Recent studies have confirmed that the minute that can be underestimated on our part, is witnessing many frightening events and figures. In just one minute, about 258 children are born, 108 people die, and 83,300 people have intimate relationships worldwide.

In one minute, the Earth completes about 1,800 kilometers of its 940,000,000 km journey around the sun, while 96 million cells lose its body, producing between 120 and 180 million red blood cells during that moment.

During that moment, 116 people are married around the world, while the United States has one and a half divorce rates.

In a minute, rain falls on the world, capable of filling 4.7 billion bath tubs, while the earth hits about 6,000 thunderbolt, and the sun sends 83.33 tera-watts of energy to us on Earth as well.

On the technological front, 2.4 million questions are constantly being asked by Google users, with up to 300 videos uploaded, more than 7 million videos watched on YouTube and 350,000 tweets on the social networking site ” Twitter “, all within one minute.

More than 43,000 images are uploaded on the Instagram Web site, more than 130,000 calls are made via Skype, 120,000 people sit on Facebook, and 300 people create a new account on the same site.

Finally, more than 25 million Coca-Cola products are used in one minute.

Now that the vision that has changed the thinking of some about the triviality or inferiority of one minute is revealed, will we seek to exploit every minute from now?

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