Amazon stopped a tool in its employment system was rejecting female applications

Large companies use different systems and tools in their recruitment systems to facilitate the screening of a large number of applications they receive with any applicants, but these tools were not fair to all companies and applicants as it turned out, as a tool in the Amazon system to rejects female applicants’ requests.

Amazon uses smart systems to facilitate its operations in most things. This is the case with the recruitment system, which has been in development and use since 2014, as it used to sort the applications to evaluate them and choose the top 5 of them independently, which was not so.

Reuters reported that there was a tool that chose sex-based applications for those who had held positions in the company for the last 10 years, which meant that the majority was men, so the tool would prefer male applications to females.

The company has discovered similar things since 2015 but has not removed them.

Reacting to Reuters information, it denied using the tool to evaluate and select applicants and did not talk about any other information.

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