Amazon stops selling quick Dash buttons

Amazon Dash quick purchase buttons did not achieve their goal of motivating shoppers to buy from Amazon, so the e-commerce giant announced that they would stop selling them.

The Dash buttons are designed to be linked to a particular product when pressed to be purchased via the user’s account on Amazon. The idea of the company was to put the buttons in the house for ease of access compared to the opening of the smartphone or computer and ordering the purchase of a new detergent box, for example.

Amazon launched this exotic product in 2015 and then many users thought it was a April trick. The button is connected over the wireless network and the one is sold at a price of 4.99 dollars.

Amazon has experienced judicial problems with this button, which does not show the price of the product to be dialed when pressed.

Since the launch of the plastic button, Amazon has provided new shopping tools such as digital buttons through its application or voice shopping through the Echo plugin, all of which have shown a higher interest than users compared to the Dash buttons that forced them to stop them.

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