American artist issues Swiss passports for € 20 at an exhibition in London

If you go to the upscale Mayfair neighborhood of London you will see an office prepared by American artist Tom Sachs and called the Swiss Passport Office. For € 20 you can get a passport-like version that many people want.

A press release said that the office on the fringes of the annual Fréz Technical Exhibition in London “reflects contemporary concerns about Britain’s exit from the EU, Syria and Trump’s immigration policies.”

“The Swiss passport is the intended destination,” Sachs said. “It’s a tax haven. No one would dare to strike Switzerland because the good guys and the bad guys both put their money in it. It is the center of Europe. ”

Inside, there are several offices behind a large Swiss flag with a white cross and a red background. Staff ask personal questions to passport applicants, take photographs of them and print their names on “Tom Sachs” passports with serial numbers.

The passport is stamped with the studio stamp and its number is recorded in a database.

The Passport version is available at the Tadeusz Rubak Gallery in Mayfair for only 24 hours, which began at 1700 GMT on Friday.

“it is not licensed by the Swiss government, it is licensed from this studio and you can use it,” Saks, 52, told Reuters. You can make the world like you are, like you want. ”

He said in a statement that his project aims to reveal the falsity of the border “at a time when our liberal democracies are threatened and those around the world are living in danger and without shelter.”

After Saturday, the Passport Office will remain in place where visitors can take a look at it until November.

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