American student offers his school for sale online

An American student’s joke on the Internet caused him to drop out of high school because he offered to sell his school on a website.

Kilan Shelley, 18, wrote an advertisement on the Craig Liest website, showing the sale of the Truman High School in Kansas City for $ 12,275 last week, but the wording of the announcement caused him a big deal with the police.

In his statement, Chile stated that the reason for the sale of the school was due to the loss of many students coming to it. The announcement was that it was a potential threat, requiring the intervention of local authorities, according to the local news.

Although Chile apologized for this joke and asserted that it was not intended to offend or threaten anyone, it was simply a misunderstanding, as the expression was obscured when the ad was written, but the police summoned him to investigate, after tracing the source of the ad. School management, depriving him of graduation this year.

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