Apple is not the first to introduce the EKG in smart devices

Apple has announced in its conference last Wednesday its smart Watch of the fourth series and new characteristics and specifications, and perhaps most attention to the fact that it contains the feature of electrocardiogram EKG, where the director of operations, Jeff Williams, claimed that their watch is the first to have this property and with the consent of The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but this was not true. AliveCor’s Cardia Mobile was previously Apple’s business.

The device was first introduced in 2014 as it is attached to the back of the smartphone to measure heartbeat, and also has FDA quality to completely negate Apple’s claims this time as it is always the forerunner of everything new.

But the company is the first to extend the use of this smart reader, the popularity of the large audience of users of smart watches, it is the first time in the global spread and sales, in addition to the high level of confidence and satisfaction of the performance of the company’s products by users around the world, It will be more convenient for those interested in heart health tracking than using a single device such as a Carrieria Mobile.

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